The Bendigo EEV/HPV Committee aim to further increase the profile of EEV/HPV racing within Bendigo and Regional areas via this community event.


With the lack of racing opportunities over the past two years, the focus of the Grand Prix in 2022 will be to provide school teams with much needed track experience, training, team bonding and data collection opportunities as they prepare for the Energy Breakthrough event in November.

The event this year has been significantly scaled down to best focus on the most immediate needs of teams, many of which are in a rebuild phase and training new riders and support crew.

As the majority of teams are preparing for the Maryborough Energy Breakthrough event, we have tried (within reason) to reinforce the EB requirements and expectations in the organisation of this event with regard to track rules, vehicle construction and safety. 

With the involvement of EEV Vehicles we are looking to promote the values of fuel consumption given that the aim for these teams is to travel the furthest distance they can on the fuel allocated.

Event Addresses

Bendigo Livestock Exchange

Wallenjoe Rd, Huntly

10-4pm (Scrutineering to take

place prior).

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The Excitement of Night Racing!
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